Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Already slipping

Jeesh - it's only the 5th and my resolve is already slipping. Missed yesterday's entry as I was up early working on my database project and before I knew it the day was gone. Sunday was uneventful, company left and I worked on the computer most of the day. I did get a short run in on the treadmill but that was the extent of my activity.

Monday was better as I got out between bouts on the computer. It was interesting to see all of the garbage out on the curbside. You can tell which households have children by the great stacks of refuse waiting for pickup. Hate to sound like an old hippie but we do have to cut back on our consumption. This year we concentrated on the important things like visiting with friends and family and really quite enjoyed it.

Photos are in for the KNC competition and now I have to get back to writing some code.

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