Friday, January 15, 2010

Fish tails and tales

Going through my photos and looking for one to go along with a fishcake recipe I was writing for my cookbook I came across this one of an Arctic Grayling. Now the graylings aren't as athletic or tasty as the rainbow trout, but they are almost jewel-like as they flash through the crystal clear water of the north.

Seeing the picture reminded me of a story a hunter told me when we were out fishing for our supper.

Werner, the source of this story was a large German hunter that I had the pleasure of guiding one fall many, many years ago. Werner was a “fellow of infinite jest” and made our hunts most pleasurable by filling in the quiet periods with stories and yarns from his many hunts around the world.

Werner also had the habit of embellishing his stories a little. This embellishment often got him into trouble, as he, himself, readily admitted. One time, upon his return from a particularly good fishing trip, he was about to regale his companions at the hunt club’s monthly dinner meeting, when they grabbed him by the arms and quickly slipped a set of handcuffs on him. Handcuffed, they reasoned, Werner would need to keep the size of the fish in his stories to the less than legendary proportions that he was infamous for

Werner however, was a quick-witted individual and always up to a challenge. He rose to his feet and launched into the telling of the epic journey he’d just been on, and when the time came to describe his greatest catch of the trip, he stretched his forefingers apart as far as the handcuffs would allow him (a mere 8 or 9 inches) and told his friends how the one fish he caught “was this wide, eye to eye!”

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