Thursday, January 7, 2010

Flexing the brain again

I'm taking a short break from writing the next greatest thing in HR software for a local client and thought I should exercise the other half of my brain - you know the creative half. Someone out there in blogland probably knows if it is the right or left part of your brain that is creative.

So now I am trying to display some of the music Loyd Bishop created when we were co-producing our first Cowboy Music CD. I can link directly to the site: King of Excuses but that takes you away from the blog and before you know it you're surfing through CBC radio 3 and listening to Bob the Postman and won't ever come back to FrankVille.

If any of my programmer friends out there know of a control I can add to the post that will allow a user to listen to our tunes I would be forever grateful - or at least grateful enough to send you one of the few remaining CD's from our limited press of 8 billion copies (hey - you gotta think big)

Just added: I think I've found what I've been looking for with this little control found at DivShare - hopefully it is virus free and doesn't crash my system. I'll look at adding a Flash player and then host the files at my own site. Those wishing to support the musical endeavours of Loyd and myself could order the CD from our website if I'd get off my butt and publish the site.

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