Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It keeps getting better

So, I've uploaded one of my adventures from this past summer and I must say the pictures look pretty good. If it gets cold enough I'll make a return trip through the canyon and hopefully get some winter shots of the same area. It'll be a little sketchy because if you go through the ice in most of those big holes, you're a goner.

I'll be spending a bit of time fixing up the look and feel of the blog and then start flexing the writing neurons. The biggest benefit to my writing career is that my aunt Ellen is now retired and can always be called upon for her critical eye and grammatically impeccable English.

Next post tomorrow will be something completely different -just to stay true to the ADHD nature of me - let's just say it might be the solution to who actually shot JFK, or it might be my latest recipe from my "There's a Cowboy in the Kitchen" cookbook.

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