Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's a New Year

So January One has come and gone and things are looking up. I was down to Riverside Park at noon, hoping to take a dip in the river to start the year off right and there was quite a crowd down there. I got some video and a few stills and I've been learning how to post those on the various social media networks.

I'll be working on revamping the "On the Outside" blog layout and then start to concentrate on the verbage. Ultimately I'd like to get back to writing a column (more to practice the art, than as a fulltime job) so this blog will be a good place to start.

I'll also start to revamp myself as this city living is hard on one's body - not used to having so much good food at hand and having to do so little to survive. In the mountains I'd routinely do anywhere from 2 to 4 kilometres of hiking after rolling out of bed and before I got the coffee going - mainly to go check on the horses - but sometimes just to go out and enjoy those special mountain mornings.

I've also got to get to work on using Premiere Pro. My friend and co-producer Loyd Bishop produced an incredible little promo tape for Clearwater and it is found at this link: (Clearwater Gamestown). I produced a much less professional tape for Kamloops, but then I was hoping it was the thought that counted - check out: (Kamloops Gamestown).

Then I have to get to work on my entries for the Kamloops Naturalist Club photo contest. I've got a few nice shots but then nothing that can quite stack up against what the rest of the club takes.

After all of that I have to add a couple of changes to the database program I just wrote for an HR client that needed some specialty database program done. Hopefully I will be writing a lot more about the amount of work that is crushing me - although not quite as spiritually enlightening as hiking in the mountains, financially it is much more reqarding.

All the best to me (I don't have any followers yet to send the greeting out to) in 2010.

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