Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lines of time

Flipping through my folders looking for a picture for today's blog I came across a series of pictures from when I was working up on the traditional lands of the Doig River First Nation. Robert, the man in the photo, was an amazing elder from the band. We spent many a day hiking out across their lands and we got to share stories of hunting, trapping and discussing our mutual respect for the land. Our goal was to direct development by the oil and gas companies (whom I represented) in a way that would minimize the impact on the land (the interest that Robert represented).

What caught my eye on this picture - apart from my stylish orange vest - was the series of character lines on both our faces. From those lines I knew I would have to fashion a poem of sorts and this writing exercise is to set up in free form verse the ideas that will one day transform themselves into a poem which will join the others in my collection.
running from eye
from mouth's corner
accentuating the laugh
the twinkle of the eye
overstating the frown
creased by
every laugh
frozen rain and biting wind
will he pull through?
tired but must keep going
sun beating down
trail dust
lines written
lines forgotten

authors unknown

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