Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Something squirrely going on

It will be a short post today as I am making my way through another part of a database application that I'm building and I don't want to lose the muse. My buddy and co-conspirator, his loydship himself, Loyd Bishop, was down for a visit yesterday and he brought with him his harddrive filled with new projects and project ideas. The idea that has me most excited (at this millisecond in time) is our children's album/dvd about Canadian Wildlife and kid songs.

The clip below is the first pass at "Just nuts about you" which would accompany our segment on "The red squirrel - it's life and bad habits". We wanted to make a couple of posts along the way so people could see how the demented minds of creative geniuses (geni-i sp?) work.

Feel free to hum along.

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