Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Trying to keep disciplined with my coding tasks I have just taken my 45 minute break on the treadmill and will allow myself 15 minutes of writing on my blog and then back to work!

My new technique is to open my photo organizer and randomly scroll through the some 40,000 images I have taken and to randomly stop at some point. If it doesn't fall into the category of: out of focus, some recently expired animal, family members who have launched protests against my blog, or any combination of the above I will try to write about it.

This picture was taken on a "short hike" into Jack Norman lake, which is located in beautiful Wells Gray Provincial Park. Normally I will make this trip in about 30 minutes or less of hiking but I had agreed to take the in-laws on an outing. After almost two hours of explaining that "yes I knew where I was going" and "No, you can't touch the devil's club (a particularily venomous plant)" we finally made it to my secret fishing spot.

Unfortunately it appeared that I had caught the last trout there some eight years prior to this trip and the only bites we got were those from the 1.6 million mosquitoes that call this lake home.

While the hiking was a little arduous, just being out amongst those cedar giants was well worth the blood sweat and tears. It's surprising what great giants exist in Wells Gray Park and how few people make the effort to get off the beaten trail to see them.

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