Sunday, February 28, 2010

The most contented sound in the universe

Scooter munches his way through a year old burn

Now I don't prescribe to too many notions of how to live a better, longer, happier or more fulfilling life as I have noticed that most people that prescribe to such notions are usually just the opposite. The secret to my happiness lies in good genetics, good fortune -lucky to be surrounded by the friends and family I have, and from the unique ability to derive great pleasure and solace from the very simple things in life.

If things get too stressful I tune out the hub-bub and brouhaha of the modern world and picture myself supine on a mountain hillside, a warm summer sun washing over me, a light breeze to chase the bugs away, and the sound of my horse grazing contentedly nearby. There is something so soothing about the rhythmic chomp of a horse as he makes his way through a meal of mountain grasses that the mere thought of it completely relaxes me.

The only downside to becoming so relaxed, especially if you are still in the mountains, is the sheer panic that ensues when you awake from the equine induced slumber and you find that your horse has wandered off. It is a long walk home and very un-cowboy like to arrive three hours after your horse does.

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