Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Challenge

Kenna Cartwright Park - Home of the new Frank Ritcey Invitational Challenge
and no-one is invited

I have determined that I am a goal oriented type of person. I am not one of those big picture type of people, I pretty much have to see what it is that I want and then I can go for it. So, periodically I give myself goals and that gets me scooting off in a new direction.

My recent trips to Kenna Cartwright Park have been great little outings and I have been recording my trips with a GPS. In looking at a map of a park I began to think: That's a lot of trails. What would be cool is to hike each and every one of those trails. What would be way-cool is to hike each and everyone of those trails in a single day.

So there it is - my new challenge. Hike every trail in Kenna Cartwright Park in a single day. I'm hoping it is less than a 100K because then it would be very hard and I am no longer an iron man - more like the Jet-Puffed Marshmallow man if the truth needs to be told.

So check back and see how the preparations are going.

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