Monday, March 22, 2010

Another hike through Kenna Cartwright Park

sunset over Kenna Cartwright Park

I have been out hiking in Kenna Cartwright Park for a number of reasons:

1. I am fat and need to lose about 50 pounds to get me back to my horse-logging weight , 30 pounds to my Iditabike weight, 20 pounds to my goat hunting weight, or 10 pounds so I can get into my last pair of blue jeans!

2. I am trying to learn enough about the park so that I can write intelligibly about it in a Interpretive Brochure that I would like to see the club produce for the park.

3. I am trying to capture that one killer shot of the grasslands so that my friend Tim can reproduce it in one of his famous paintings.

So far I haven't lost any weight, still don't know crested wheatgrass from Kentucky Blue bunchgrass, and the best photo I have come up with is a slightly out of focus chipmunk on a woodpile.

Maybe I need to hike more?

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