Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chipmunk attacks videographer - barely escapes with life!

My previous publisher always told me that it was the headline people read and not the story. This is why it was important that the two always had some degree of commonality. Me, I was for just putting down whatever came into my mind as I thought newspapers should have a certain degree of fun associated with them along with the mundane reporting of facts.

This chipmunk did not in fact attack me but he could have. This is from the memorable weekend at Harvey's, and if I check the police report from the weekend and our names are not mentioned I can tell you what really went on there. Ah, to be young and foolish - or at least act like it.

While not trying to make it onto the list of Canada's ten most wanted I did a bit of photography and ran a bit of tape as well. Everything seemed pretty good while I was shooting the stuff but in the cold light of day I realize that the molson filter was working overtime on some of the shots.

But I have always felt that I would rather watch bad video I shot myself than good video shot by someone else. It's that DIY mentality that brings the best of us to our knees at some point.

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