Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Lone Pine

lone pine in Kenna Cartwright Park

I headed out early this morning, hoping to catch the first rays of the sun as it peered into the south Thompson valley. Either I was late or the Sun was early - I'm not going to argue the point - but the net effect was that I wasn't going to get the hundred dollar shot I wanted.  Instead, I headed off around the backside of the park and opted for a long meander through the less traveled portions.

On my way up one knoll I saw this lone pine, ravaged by the onslaught of the pine beetle, dead but still standing. It's bare branches lifted up towards the sky as if to ask "Why?"

The icy wind cut across that bare landscaped and I was jolted from my thoughts - quickly snapped a couple of shots and continued on my climb.

Once I won the shelter of the trees near the summit the wind died and I had time to shoot a couple of artistic shots of the dried root mass of an old Douglas fir.

While the hike itself was uneventful it was fun to get out and play around with trying to get a decent shot under difficult light conditions.

light and dark on Douglas Fir root

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