Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring has sprung

 one sure sign of spring

Okay, I just have about 30 seconds to post this and then I have to rush off to a high powered G4 conference (some of the other countries have found out that I was attending and have dropped out). Actually off to do some Kamloops Naturalist meeting stuff so need to be punctual.

Spent a great weekend out at the lake - I've always wanted to say that, like I actually owned a cottage on the lake - with my good friend Harvey Olson. Harvey and I go way back to the days of hiking and camping in the sage brush hills of Kamloops and more than a few misadventures into the wilds of Wells Gray Park.

This was a much tamer weekend however and only involved one moment of sheer panic - which I will explain in great detail after the heat has died down a little.

The weekend did provide a good chance to catch up on old times and old friends and also gave me a chance to do some wildlife filming - which I shall shortly share on youtube - oh yeah, and it allowed us some time to sit under the boat house, swill beer and watch the world drift by.

Not quite a "River runs through it" type weekend but close.

the other sure sign of Spring (a shadow)

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