Monday, March 15, 2010

Two Little Known Facts

Okay, it's a stretch but I had to figure out a segue between this cute photo I had of a Yellow Bellied Marmot and the fact that I had been short-listed in the Canada Writes competition from CBC radio.

So the two little known facts: first is that the marmot spends more time asleep than he does awake - many will head for the den by mid august and won't return til April. When you factor in the time he spends asleep while out and about in the summer months, these guys should be covered in bedsores.

The second little known fact: I was short-listed in the CBC Canada Writes competition. Oh, did I mention that already? Seems I try to get as much mileage out of that one as possible. It was a pretty good feeling though to get the phone call to tell me that they enjoyed my writing. The names, writings and bios of the other writers are available at I read through every one of the entries and they were all excellent. There are a lot of talented writers out there.

Unfortunately the vast bulk of these talented writers are also chefs, taxi drivers, lobster fishermen and just about anything but a paid professional writer.

Also, unfortunately for me, these people also list singing, dancing, and playing 12 different instruments as their other past-times. I listed watching Family Guy and making beer can pyramids as my other talents/interests.

As the next phase of the competition requires us to have written a timed piece (which I did and it was brilliant), and then read it out for the judges - which I will (and I may be less than stellar.)

Some people have said that Bryan Adams could sing the phone book and win a Grammy for it. I, on the other hand, could read the deathbed confession of the guy who really killed JFK and I'd have people switching channels.

I guess witty and handsome just aren't enough these days. Oh for the good old days before the talkies came to town and ruined everything.

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