Sunday, March 28, 2010

What I did this weekend

Remnant of ice bridge at Mahood Falls

Okay it's not the most imaginative of titles but it is serviceable. It correctly introduces the subject matter and it foreshadows that perhaps the blog entry will be a little retro -taking us back to the dreaded grade eight english assignments by our totally unimaginative teacher who would really much rather be out coaching the football team.

But I misled you the reader, I was just lazy and that was the best title I could come up with for a blog entry about what I did this weekend.

We had an enjoyable visit out with my brother, sister in-law, and our hosts Mark and Kathy Waldron. Mark was participating in a drum workshop and Kathy took the rest of us non-drummers out for a tour of the Horse Lake/Mahood Lake area. It was great getting back into the wet belt around Mahood/Canim falls as I missed the cedars, moss and tumbled lava landscapes of my youth.

We'd met up with one of Kathy's friends and the five of us poked and prodded about the forests that were just coming back to life after an uncharacteristically short and easy winter.

What was most enjoyable though, for an aspiring writer like myself was the chance to talk with Kathy about her writing. Kathy has a billion books to her credit, or at least that's how it seems to we with zero books to our credits. Check out her stuff at: Kathy Cook Waldron.

She had told me about a writing competition that I must enter - for children's fiction. The prize money, while nice, is not as important as the fact that the sponsoring group will submit your entry to three publishers on your behalf. That would be way cool.

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