Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mountain Therapy

I came across this little goldmine of shots from my time in the mountains while I was looking for a 30 second clip I had of a beaver cutting down a tree. Okay maybe tree is too big a descriptor, but  it was definitely larger than a sapling. That is not the point, and I digress, the point is I came across this great little collection of shots, and they happened to fit nicely to three of my favourite songs from Loyd’s and my CD, Rounders and Sinners.

As a gift to my friends and loyal followers I have put the video and audio together and offer it up as a bit of mountain therapy. If you are still stressed after watching and listening to this clip you probably should seek out some type of professional help or perhaps you should consider taking up drinking.

For the naturalists out there here’s a fun exercise. Take pen and paper in hand and jot down the names of all the plants and animals you can identify over the next 9 minutes.

Kick back and enjoy!

Please note:

Those wishing to purchase a copy of the CD that the soundtrack is from can click here to see the ordering information. If you would like a copy of the DVD, in full and glorious colour with the re-mastered soundtrack, email me at fritcey@hotmail.com and I’ll send you the address to send $15 to – that’ll cover the cost of the DVD, and the shipping and handling.

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