Monday, April 19, 2010

The owl and the pussycat

 Parent and two owlets

So I go on my Monday night hike to Kenna Cartwright Park with two goals: get a little exercise and to get some video of the Great Horned Owls in the area.

Now I have only heard of the location of these owls from two different sources - my daughter and at a Kamloops Naturalist club meeting, with both accounts making me confident that I know where the owls will be hanging out. In fact, the instructions are so precise that I spend twenty minutes filming a tree with what looks like a owl sized cavity. At about 21 minutes I surmise that I have the wrong tree and proceed to get my exercise as I wander aimlessly about looking for the birds.

Fortunately a friendly biker happens by and seeing all of my equipment asks if I am here to photograph the owls. I answer in the affirmative and then proceed to the unmanly chore of asking directions. We are standing about 20 meters from the tree and he points it out and leaves me to my filming.

It was very relaxing, laying there in the tall grass, picking ticks from the back of my neck and watching the antics of the owls. While there is not a lot going on, it was very nice to be able to be out there, communing with nature, just a 5 minute drive and a short walk from my house.

The video and pictures I got were only marginal as the light was poor and I was more interested in enjoying the moment than capturing the moment. I, like MacArthur, shall return, and when I do it will be armed with a lunch and a lot of video tape.


  1. Hi Frank,
    Wonderful footage of the park and owls! I have shared your Blog by posting it on my Facebook page. Do you have your Blog profiled on Facebook?

  2. Hi Sherry: No I don't could you point me to directions on how to do that? Thanks.

  3. Frank this is the best Guide for Facebook How To's

    I encourage you to start a 'Community Page' for people to follow and to link onto to your Blog. As well, join 'Networked Blogs' within Facebook this is good too. Then you can paste linking Widgets (icons) on your Blog page. People can then stay connected to your Blog in various ways.


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