Monday, April 19, 2010

Short post

Kamloops Naturalists watching for Sandhill Cranes

It will be a short post today as things are a little hectic.

David Williams is coming by with his macro lens to take pictures of ticks and a water beetle. I’ve got to transfer my video from yesterday’s hike. I’ve got to work on some practice writing for the upcoming nationals. I also have to get a bunch of yard work out of the way.

You will notice there are more “I have got to-s” than there are “I did-s” so the balance of power is against me.

The hike with the naturalist club yesterday was a grand affair with lots of cranes, geese, eagles, hawks and other items of note in the natural world. The group size was perfect, about 20 or so and the weather was likewise perfect. Nice blue skies and a good breeze to keep us cool and the migrating birds whipping along with a favouring wind.

Off this evening to get some owl footage so hopefully that works out. Promise to post much tomorrow.

 Sage buttercup

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