Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Turned down more times than a pork sandwich in Tel Aviv

regression analysis anyone?

Periodically I write something serious. Which is what I am afraid I am forced to do today. I was starting to write my seventy fifth application to the local university, an establishment at which I would dearly love to hang my hat, but I have stayed my pen. Unfortunately I have to resort to the archaic term referring to the pen as we have not yet come up with something as poetic for the keyboard.

I know I possess all of the attributes needed for the job: university educated, heaps of computer experience from teaching through to programming, I’ve been a teacher, writer, publisher, software designer, and First Nations liaison and although you wouldn’t know it from looking at the pictures of me, I can actually perform non-linear multiple regressions and interpret the same with about the same finesse with which I can throw a diamond hitch. Although, I am getting a little rusty in both these days. But it is that dichotomy of abilities that is getting me into trouble.

I can picture the HR department at the university doing the original screening and a cursory google of prospective applicants. Google my name and you will see “cowboy Frank” and not “computer geek Frank”. It is just that pictures of me figuring out “ordinary least squares analysis” are far less interesting than a picture of me high atop the northern Rockies looking out on thousands of square kilometers of wilderness.  Consequently, the stories and pictures of me that get published are of someone that even I would have a hard time picturing in an office working on the latest Power Point presentation.

I have been slowly re-inventing myself however, but it is a long process. I have initiated a number of projects with the local naturalist club which, apart from being great projects, will help flex my managerial skills. I’m doing some database programming with the City of Kamloops and think I’ve got a pretty good report with the folks that work there. I’m also working on some freelance programming but I would much rather be an employee of the university – so that is my quest from here on in - that, and keeping my “outdoor/adventurer/writer/Frank” persona alive.

The biggest part of this challenge now will be to write a blog that is interesting and fun for my readers – which means pictures and stories from my wild side – and writing something that will not send HR people scurrying for cover. Perhaps a secret identity? That’s why Clark Kent had to put on the goofy glasses, just so he could get a job! So the next time you see me with glasses – don’t let on that you know me okay. It’ll be our little secret.

Outdoor Frank - alter ego of Computer Geek Frank

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  1. good luck.
    I know people at TRU, which is, presumably, what you're referring to, but can't post here.
    Also on a completely different note wonder if you heard this interview with Bill McKibben, and if you have comment.
    One more computer-geek nature lover at this end.


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