Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wheeler Mountain Madness

 June checks out one of the secret caves

Jean - don't step back!!

So I was going to post the usual collection of stills from a hike, I and a small group of friends made on Thursday. I was also going to make up, I mean relate, a story about what we did.

Instead, my friend Loyd, who had accompanied us on this outing, was doing double duty as a hiker and a videographer. He put together this collection of clips of our day in the mountains and I think it worked out very well. I've added a couple of shots from the trip just to round out the post. Details of the hike can be found in my upcoming Trail Guide, tentatively entitled: "Frank's Seventeen Secret Places or, I wish we hadn't gone there!"

The only comment I would like to make about the video is that at the outset you can hear me pointing out the location of "buried Indian treasure." The story behind the treasure goes back to the days before the term First Nations was popular and was taught to me by an old timer in the North Thompson. He'd related the story about how he, as a child, had come across a First Nation's encampment in the hills out behind their pioneer homestead. He spent the better part of his youth exploring and digging around there looking for buried treasure. It was only later in his life, or so he related to me then,  that he realized the buried treasure was not buried but instead the real treasure was the knowledge of how to live as one with the land as did the First Nation's people. This story has always stuck with me and I always make a point of looking for that real buried treasure whenever I go out into the wilderness.

Now I will make one more comment and then I promise to just let you watch the video. Some of my fellow hikers didn't quite believe all of the natural wonders I was pointing out - even June didn't believe me when I showed her the "Death Camas" that I had eaten - and I knew no one believed me when I was pointing out "that bunch of coyote pups over there!" so I just had to ensure that the coyote pups made it into the video. Maybe next time they'll listen to their guide :) :)


  1. Hey ain't you that Frank Ritcey from Kamloops that's in that Canada Writes competition? That golden? eagle looks absolutely huge. I think I read in a book from the library in elementary school that golden eagles can lift small deer off the ground. Probably bullshit but every time I see a picture of one I'm thankful I'm not a small deer.


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