Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who lives and who dies?

Her days on the range are numbered

Who lives and who dies? As a devote Buddhist omnivore I believe that all life forces have equal value and that really irks the anti-hunters that I know. And yes, I realize that there are very few of us devote Buddhist omnivores but that doesn’t mean we don’t exist.

My argument goes like this: whether you are a big eyed harp seal, a slow moving cow, a creepy bug scuttling under a rock or if you happen to be a tree in a forest – you are by definition, a living thing and have a life force associated with you. You also have a place and purpose in the universe at that particular point in time. That place and purpose is beyond the ken of any but the most conceited or those too dull to understand that we cannot possibly fathom the depth of existence. We would not expect a bug to comprehend fuzzy logic or how know to program the tv remote. Neither should we expect our own kind to understand our place or purpose in existence.

Some of us eat and some are eaten, there is no morality involved in that equation. The morality is in how we conduct ourselves in the process. The wolf will kill and eat and not make a moral decision. The wolf will not however, go out of its way to kill something that he or she has no intention of utilizing. I like to think of myself as that wolf. I kill or hire someone to do my killing but don’t set up a dichotomy as to which life forces I will respect and those which I will ignore. I have killed moose and have spared spiders. I’ve swatted mosquitoes and liberated ticks. I’ve eaten carrots and planted trees. My view is that it should be purpose, not prejudice that determines our actions.

Yes, I feel triumphant and saddened when I make a kill. I lack both those feelings when I buy hamburger at the local grocery and it is that disjunction that I find most disturbing about modern society. Those that will rail at me for killing my own food will not bat an eye, and in fact, some take great glee, in killing an ant or a spider that is doing nothing but occupying a piece of the self-righteous’ territory.

Eat that hamburger but spare the spider.

Quick - get the raid - it's not in the same phylum as us!

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