Saturday, May 22, 2010

Forget Superboy - Watch out for The Jaguar!

A very rare issue of a 1963 copy of The Jaguar - valued at about twelve cents

I was doing my octa-annual house cleaning (or whatever the proper term for every eight year period is) when I became sidetracked. On my night-table, were a stack of my golden age comics. Now some of the comics were still in those crazy collector bags that people feel save the comic from the ravishes of time - and I'm sure if I had an Action Comic #10 I would be sure to employ a little more care - but for now, I believe comics were meant to be read.

And so I started flipping through the pages of a great variety of comics and had a really good read. Not only were the stories amusing, but the era that they hearkened back to made one feel all nostalgic. I think I was most nostalgic for an era when you could use the term "hearkened back to" without being labeled as prehistoric.

What is interesting in the history of comics, is that you will notice the appearance of the Comic Code Authority stamp on the front cover of comics from the 50's onward. This was to avoid the tremendous pressures that morality groups were bringing to bear on the the youth of the nation. Prior to this self-regulating code, comics were getting to be a pretty good read: gore, hot steamy plots, and lots of stuff the adolescents of the time craved (and in fact still do).

I don't know when publishers got brave enough to dump the code but I will check that out and report back just like Clarke Kent would. In the meantime I am off to find out how the Jaguar defeats Mr. Big Brain.

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