Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Help requested from techno-geeks

Water flows into the silver manifold on top and the cooler water drops down the vacuum tube, as it heats, the hot water rises and is moved along in the manifold by pump pressure.

I am working on my solar system - no I am not building my own solar system with planets and moons and such, which would be sort of cool, but no, it is more appropriately a solar heating system.

The system works very well and I had the water in the tubes to the almost catastrophic melt down point, just to see how hot I could get it. My exhaust venting worked well and the stress test was considered a success. What I need to improve on the system however is my monitoring.

At present I have two analog thermometers that tell me the water temperature coming into the system and the temperature leaving the system. I would like to set up the following sensors which could relay the information back to my computer without wires: pool temperature, water temp entering and exiting each solar panel, air temperature, wind speed, intensity of sun light, water flow through solar system.

With those metrics collected I could then determine optimal configurations for heating the pool - the biggest consideration being when one should cut the water flow through the tubes and when should the pool cover be in place.

The next step will be to automate the process so I can present the data on a website for use by others who wish to follow suit.

Where I need the assistance is in finding the hardware that will let me do this with a minimal amount of fuss and dollars. If any of my readers have come across a good source for these types of projects, please let me know. You can post a comment here as they get emailed directly to me.

But the sun is now cresting Mt. Paul and I'd better go out and tend to my solar system - I think I'll put the moon over here . . .

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