Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Square jawed and nerves of steel

I collect stuff. Not so much any more, but I still collect stuff. My collecting has slowed down mainly because I have run out of space to put stuff. If I were to get some new stuff I would have to get rid of my old stuff - and my old stuff is pretty cool.

So instead I will start to use my blog to share some of my old stuff with you. The picture above is from an ad in an Esquire magazine and it is a classic. The ads in Esquire are for: booze, cigarettes, and stylish clothes for square jawed men who are smoking and drinking and doing manly stuff all at the same time.

Esquire had lots of women in the magazine but they were mainly there to bring more cigarettes and booze to the men as they were far too busy doing their manly stuff. I think that is a big reason why you see so many women from that era, widowed and wondering what happened to all the manly men.

Perhaps a steady diet of Johnny Walker and Marlboros wasn't the best health regime going. When I was growing up I could never figure out why it was that my dad didn't smoke and never had anything straight-up, on the rocks or even shaken and not stirred. But then he is now 85 and can out walk pretty much your average Canadian in almost all age groups.

Perhaps I'll go for a hike tomorrow - but first, a nightcap - perhaps a 7 and 7?

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