Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A feast for the senses

Lisa in the marcado - spelling of which may be wrong -or as the Spanish would say "wrongo"

I don't know if it is just because one is taken out of their usual surroundings that the senses are raised to another level, or if it really is the case that everything does taste better in Spain. I was flipping through my photos, as I often do, searching for inspiration, when I came across these from the marcado in Barcelona.

Now I had been in Spain last year, visiting my daughter Lisa and she had taken me on a tour of the big city and at the end of the day we stopped by the marcado to pick up the groceries for the next couple of days. This was the highlight of my trip.

The Spanish know what good food is all about. Fresh produce from the farms, fruits from both Spain and neighbouring countries, meats of every type imaginable, seafood - some of which I had never seen before, and chocolates and sweets of every variety.

My senses were in overdrive. The grit and coolness of a fresh carrot, the brilliant reds of washed tomatoes next to every hue of green of the cilantros, parsleys and other herbs that I have no idea of what they were called or used for. The sounds of hundreds of people content in their business of buying or selling food. And the smell of fresh fruits, vegetables and meats: smells which, while strong, were not overpowering. Sometimes the smell of a market can be a little too strong as they often are in the warmer countries where refrigeration is the exception and not the rule.

It took us about an hour and a half to make our way through the market, checking out all the different offerings. At the end we had four bags of fresh everythings and it cost us about twelve dollars.

You could even buy beer on tap at the market. My love affair with Spain had started.

fresh, cured, salted or in sausages - meat is available in just about every configuration possible

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