Monday, June 14, 2010

Funny Pages and Renewable Energy

Lots of good reading material like this at the new Kamloops "Funny Pages"

There's a lot going on this week in Kamloops. First, we've got the big Kamloops Energy Fair at MacArthur Island on Saturday the 19th. Check it out at: Energy Fair. I've attended this event in the past and it's always nice to go around and see what new technology is out there. If you're at all interested in sustainable energy you owe it to yourself and the planet to become better informed.

The other big event, and perhaps only big to me and certain other cool people, is the grand opening of a store called Funny Pages. Funny Pages is located at 373 Victoria St. Kamloops (right beside Zacks) and is a great source for old-school comic books. I am an avid reader of the golden age comic books - you know - the ones where the lines between good and evil aren't yet blurred and good always triumphs. I'd give you a link to their site but I don't think they have one. For the any collector this will be a great sale as all their comic books are half off. I plan on loading up. Funny pages is also a great source for vintage vinyl which seems to be making a resurgence amongst collectors.

My posts must be short these days as I am in the midst of many paying projects and must crank out a few more websites and marketing campaigns. I will however have some video to share once I get around to uploading my latest shots of some young crows in our backyard.

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