Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day Dad

 Dad on Battle Mountain from a hike we made a few years back

 Father's day, as a commercial venture, falls behind every other holiday in terms of sales. Perhaps only beating out Groundhog day, which really isn't much of a holiday, father's day seems to be a bit of a lame duck.

Not that retail sales alone should be the measure of success - although I am sure there are some fathers out there that would appreciate a large screen T.V. or a new set of golf clubs as a measure of respect. My father won't be getting either of those as he has the former, doesn't use the latter, and I couldn't afford either. Instead he will be getting the pleasure of my company out for a hike up along the Tranquille River. But then there is a good chance that he may be gone on a hike of his own, in which case it may be a belated father's day gift for sure.

My own son was home for the weekend last and he suggested we go for a hike. That was perhaps the greatest father day's gift he has yet given me. While I am sure the pencil holders he built with their macaroni motifs were made with great love, they compared little to the act of going out on a hike together.

Hiking together is a way of saying, yes I enjoy the same trails that you do. Of course by trails I am speaking metaphorically and one could substitute the term "life and all of its glory" for the more mundane bit of clod that we tread upon.

I'm quite proud to say that I still enjoy the same trails that my father treads. Perhaps even more proud to say that he still hikes along those trails with a gait that many, twenty years his junior, would have a hard time matching. So while the other fathers will be getting their slippers and easy chairs, my Dad will be getting a ride out to yet another trail on which to go exploring. It'll be a few years yet before he's ready for slippers.

My kids who also hike the same trails as I

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  1. Yes!!! You, your Dad and your kids are awesome. I do family history as a hobby/obsession. Wish mine had the 'followable' interests yours do. Y'all are an example (a good one) for the past, present and future!!!
    Tell them so! Rock on!. Lindley


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