Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We now pause for this ad from our sponsor

Almost a hundred-aire

The astute reader will notice that I have added ads to my blog. This is as much an experiment as it is a get rich quick scheme. Hopefully the experiment will be a much more resounding success than the get rich portion of the plan has been to date.

I was setting up a Google account for a new business I am working for and I came across an account I had forgotten I had set up. Thoughts of untold fortunes raced through my mind as I frantically fought to remember my password for the account. It wasn't much of a stretch as I use the same password for everything and once I could remember my birth-date I was into the account.

The above balance did not quite move me into the tax bracket that I wanted so I started to think about how I could monetize other aspects of my on-line life. My blog struck me as a good starting point. The ads that google serves up are supposed to be based on your content and as I write about so many different things it will be interesting to see how well they match ads to site content.

Each month I will post how much money we have made. When I get my first pay-cheque I will do something wild and crazy with it: either donate to clean up the Gulf coast or buy some beer. I think I'm leaning towards the later. So please, everyday, after reading my blog - click on two or three ads and watch the pennies roll in!

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