Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What, another contest?

So here it is - watch this short video and name the three mammals, three insects, two types of berries, two flowers, one bird and one lichen that are featured in the video.

If you get all twelve then you are a top notch naturalist. Ten or more and you are in the top 99.5% of the world's naturalists. Seven to nine right makes you a good student of nature. Three to six correct and you can still go hiking with me. If you know less than three of these items, and live in North America, then it is time to get off of your couch, lace up the boots and get out for some face to face time with mother nature!


  1. What great fun! Now what is the lichen in the final frame and what is the second flower that is similar to a daisy?

    And finally, Norma and I have this on going debate about huckleberries. You see huckleberries on the coast, where I grew up, are red while in the Kootenays, where Norma grew up, they are blue. So what are the berries in the video? Remember that blue berries are red when they are green.

  2. The lichen is some type of Reindeer Lichen - Cladina stellaris. The first bunch of berries are Oregon Grape, the second is the interior Huckleberry. The yellow daisy is some type of Brown-eyed Susan - common gaillardia

  3. Hey Frank
    The videography is stellar. The huckleberry anomaly is so cool. In Valemount/Mount Robson they are HUGE blue ones.
    Waiting to hear/see what you are currently working on and I enjoy it all.


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