Thursday, September 16, 2010

Slowly working my way back

It seems like a lifetime since I last made an entry into my blog. Fortunately the reasons for my absence have all been good.

August was pretty much taken up with music festivals and I've got a whack of great performers that I want to introduce you to. (A "whack" being more than a bundle and less than a slew) And the road trips to the various festivals provided me with enough fodder to load the literary cannon a couple of times over.

Sandwiched between all of that was a summer full of birding, filming, and a hike or to into the mountains.

So now when I finally have something to write about I no longer have a teacher who wants a 500 word essay on "What I did this summer"

And as I don't really have time for this entry - just waiting for the mothership to contact me - and that's yet another story - so instead I'll get you to watch this little film, Loyd, Peter and I put together.

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