Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not another ghost story

Every now and then something happens that really sends a chill down your spine. I'm talking about one of those moments when you feel totally ill at ease and even skeptics like myself feel like there is another entity present in the area even though nothing can be seen or sensed within the physical realm.

So it was the other evening when I went out into the hills south of town to get a time-lapse shot of the sunset with my new video camera (the Sony Nex VG10).

The area I had visited needs to remain vaguely described for reasons which will become apparent later. One of the reasons I can state now is that there is no need to panic otherwise sensible people.

This area I was in was the approximate site of the disappearance of a group of hikers from back in the 60's. The local story is that the group had gone out on a warm fall afternoon to commune with nature as was the habit of the flower children of that era and perhaps to partake of the low grade reefer that was available in those days.

Three days later, when they had not yet returned a search party was dispatched and their VW micro-bus was quickly located, but not a sign of the hikers was ever discovered. Rumours persisted for many years about aliens, wood spirits, and military experiments in the area, but of course nothing was ever proven.

Records of the disappearance were quickly lost and as none of the hikers had any permanent links within the community, even the oral history of the disappearance almost died away. I had heard the story personally from an old rancher in the area some fifteen years ago when I was pursuing a story of a completely different nature - a story which would be an interesting enough yarn of itself but would merely serve as a digression now.

I passed the story off as a fanciful yarn and had all but forgotten it until this last evening. After capturing the image of the setting sun I compressed the time sequence and on playing it back got this very weird sounding audio track.

I don't believe in ghosts but this thing gave me the willies. One could almost argue that these are the sounds of something, or some "ones" long since departed, that are still trying to communicate with us on the other side.

I don't think I'll be heading back to those hills by myself in the evenings for quite some time.

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