Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ram a lam a ding dong

Okay this post has nothing to do with the 50's hit by "Big Wheelie and the Hubcaps" (Or whoever it was that did it - and I don't have the luxury of googling the info right now - maybe one of my fine readers can comment with the right info on that one) but there I have digressed immensely and created yet another run on sentence that would have my old English teacher spinning in his grave (if he were in fact in one and not running about like some modern day Don Quixote).

So where was I? Oh yes, the ram thing. I went out for a hike today to get an idea of where the rams were and to test out my new camera. I found these two young rams who, by way of their youngness - and a gale force wind, did not hear me approach, and I managed to get some decent footage. Now my brother tells me if I were to just swing by Mt. Paul I can get much easier footage through the page wire on the sheep fence along the highway. These sheep are much more civilized and are used to human stalkers.

I may try the Mt. Paul sheep another time but I like the challenge of getting on to these "wild" Kamloops lake sheep.

Anyways, hope you enjoy, and Mr. Fieber, you can stop spinning now.

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  1. beautiful backlit scene Frank!



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