Monday, November 8, 2010

Calling all moose

Well I have finally got around to it. Okay, almost got around to it if you must be precise.

I have got my moose calling website up and running. Okay, almost running - sheesh you'te being very picky today aren't you? Sorry that was a rhetorical question and I didn't really expect a response. But if you'd let me get on with my original thought we could get through with this and get onto finding our latest Bob The Postman clip on CBC radio 3.

So I have put together this site on calling moose - why would you want to call a moose should be the first question the astute reader should ask. The primary response seems to be to shoot it and eat it but I am tending towards more of the call it, video it, post the video on Youtube, make lots of money from the clip, and then I can go out and buy a big beefsteak so nobody needs to get shot. Well nobody but the cow I guess, so we're probably no further ahead than we were when we started. Life was much simpler before Youtube, the wheel, fire and speech.

But the point of even mentioning that I have this new website is to also mention how it was put together. I outsourced it. Signed up to, posted the job, chose a contractor from about 12 billion and six responses, and then sent them the specs and a bunch of mockups of what I wanted.

I won't say the process was painless. The time difference was a factor - India is 12 hours ahead of us, so if I wanted to talk I had to be up at 3:00 a.m.. The language was a bit of a factor but the people I worked with had a pretty sound grasp of our idioms and really worked hard to please. In the end I got a Content Managment System built in Joomla which would never have happened if I were doing it myself.

If I can just sell three ads to outfitters who want to be associated with the site and make a buck a day off of the Google Adwords that I have attached to the site, I will do alright. The long term goal is to get a hundred or so of these sites that generate a cash flow so I can just sit around, write stories and take pictures of muskrats out at Lac Dubois (still have to post that clip here).

Anyhow - please go check out the site - and then check it again in another three weeks when I have got around to getting the hunting stories and pictures actually posted along with the other stuff.

Must go and see how my remote magpie cam is doing.

Magpie at feeder

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  1. This site looks like it will be a huge success.


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