Saturday, November 13, 2010

An ethical question

As I get older I find myself asking more and more ethical or metaphysical questions. When I was young I would ask myself questions like: "I wonder if I can jump all the way across this ravine?" or, "I wonder how long before I hit the bottom?" and "How long before the para-medics arrive?" Now that I am older I ask more the "meaning of life" type questions as I have figured out most of the other more immediate type questions.

So it was when I was reviewing this little clip of some type of black millipede-isk creature that was making lunch out of a worm.

At the time, one of my neighbour's children and I were being treated to this raw act of nature and I was trying to explain to the girl that this is what happens in the real world: "One day you're just cruising along, enjoying your life, and the next you're being ravaged by some dark mysterious force that you have no control over."

As I was posting the video though I had pangs of guilt associated with the fact that I could have saved the worm earlier and that by posting the video I hope to realize monetary gain at some time from the act. Google shares the ad revenues with a few of the more prolific or popular posters on the net.

So the moral questions are:

1. Is it right to save the worm, because in so doing you either starve the predator or condemn another insect to death because the predator will just move on and kill something else in order to survive?

2. Should we assign any morality to watching two animals duke it out in a life and death struggle? This is a hard one as I am sure when I was being charged by the grizzly sow up in the northern Rockies, that I made one or two calls for intervention from whatever greater forces happened to be watching this particular channel.

Other people's views are greatly appreciated although not necessarily adopted. This is one that I am still ambivalent about but at some point will make up my mind as to what is my stance on the issue.

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