Tuesday, November 16, 2010

For the cat lovers

I have wanted to do this project for some time, but inertia and general sloth have prevented me from going through all of my video and actually pulling the pieces together. But a pot of coffee and an attack of acute insomnia has allowed me to finally pull the Cat-sitter project together.

The Cat-sitter project (CSP) is a video I have put together to keep your cat and or dog occupied while you are off bungee jumping or playing bingo. While it is a poor substitute for actual human interaction it is better than leaving them to amuse themselves by shredding the drapes or chewing up your collection of Frank Sinatra albums.

The clips shown here are just a sampling of the contents. The full hour version just has a lot more birds hopping around and is designed to keep your pet in suspense until the climatic ending where . . . (well I can't tell you how it ends because that would spoil the surprise.

Those with pets could help me out by letting your Fluffy or Mr. Spock watch this video clip and let me know how they react and if there is a part they like best (watch the time counter on the progress bar to let me know about where the interesting parts are). The full length version will be available online and in pets stores everywhere - unless I get bored and go off to produce another CD with Loyd.

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  1. One day while out shooting marmots I heard a meow coming from one of the burrows. Soon enough a paw reached out to me and I realized it was a cat. The next day I returned and the cat was still there. This time it came out a little further and I was able to pet it. The day after that I set a live trap and brought home one of the best pals I have ever had. I named him Marmot.

    Anyway, he would of loved your video.


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