Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hard water fishing

So - I am feverishly going though my old video files looking for some footage of a fishing trip to Foot Lake but keep getting sidetracked by all types of other gems that I come across.

What I find so interesting is the number of subjects I will have on a single hour of tape. As an example: one tape had everything from a treatment of the American Dipper, Christmas dinner, a hike to Triple Decker falls, a series of birds and squirrels at my feeder, a "polar bear" swim in the North Thompson river, a cat hunt and a time lapse of a full moon. No wonder I have a hard time staying focused on any one thing - there's far too many exciting things to sample at this great buffet we call "life."

I took the time to pull together a bit of a fishing clip from the one tape and I present it here as a way of demonstrating that not all kids these days are tied to their Iphones and xboxes. It helps that the kids in the video have parents that are the epitome of activity and that they have been raised on a diet of adventure and physical fitness.

On another note - the lake on which we caught this great trout has been changed over to a "trophy" lake and you are not allowed to ice-fish there any longer. This is typical of a bureaucracy that caters to the whim of the elitist fly fishing lobby. Really, maybe a handful of people are energetic enough to make the trip into the lake, and with a two fish limit, how many fish does the no ice fishing rule save: four or five? Hardly worth the cost of preventing the odd group of fishers that want a ski and wilderness ice fishing experience.

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  1. haha i like the kid that hi-fived the fish!


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