Saturday, November 27, 2010

Taking a winter dip

Just a real quick post as I am extremely busy doing nothing. I got out for a short hike with dad this a.m. and we saw the bighorn sheep that have moved in to the base of the mountain behind my folk's place. We also saw close to 50 chukar, 4 mule deer and your assortment of winter birds.

I did get some poor video of a dipper along Tranquille river and saw a Varied Thrush, which to a non-birder means very little but is somewhat noteworthy for those of the ornithological bend.

Apart from that I have been busy working on my Joomla coding - just learning by doing so it will be a little rough for the next couple of websites but I should get better at it. You can check out my first attempt at - Eventually this site will evolve into a community forum where my buddies and I can post reviews about outdoor gear and service providers that we have found good, bad or ugly.

And apart from that I went for an interview about taking a course at TRU to become certified as an ESL teacher.

And apart from that I have been working on some quantum mechanics equations that I think I may have finally solved - or was I just thinking that I should do that but instead went and read some more of my Green Lantern comics? Probably the later.

My request for readers from around the world has pretty much gone unheeded - but thanks to those that have sent some links. I've picked up readers from Belize, Latvia, Ireland and Australia - only 189 more to go!

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