Monday, December 20, 2010

An expert mouser at work

I was out on a shoot the other day when I almost ran into famed local photographer Peter Suzle. I say almost ran into but thanks to ABS and good winter tires we avoided the crash.

Peter was coming back from his search for Great Grey owls and I was wrapping up a trip through Kenna Cartwright Park and we had both ended up by the Timber Lake road, searching the trees in hopes of spotting a Great Grey.

Finding nothing of the owl persuasion we decided to take the backroad by Goose Lake to see what we could scare up that would be worthy of our attention. There wasn’t much going on – a couple of Rough Legged Hawks and a coyote off in the distance was all that presented themselves – and those only briefly.
I figured the day could only be salvaged by a trip to Tim Horton’s and Peter said he would join me there. Shortly after I had pulled out on the highway I noticed Peter was no longer following me so I wheeled around and returned – fearing the worse. The worse being of course that he was getting pictures of something that I had missed.

Yes the worst had happened. I had driven right past a coyote hunting mice in the field alongside the Goose Lake Road and Peter was there blasting away with that big camera of his. Talk about lens envy.
I did manage to get a minute or so of shaky footage, before the coyote figured he should go hunt elsewhere. In this case I figure a bad video about an interesting subject is better than the reverse so here it is.

Please check out Peter’s photos at and see what good photos are all about.

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