Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Frank's World

I'm setting some type of record here - twice now I've written on the same subject. And that subject is the spread of my blog, like some insidious weed, across the world. Since I've started recording my visitors I have amassed a total of 18 countries and some 76 cities.

I have noticed that I haven't had visitors from Norway or Sweden yet, which is surprising as I have relatives in both countries and you would think that there would be a least a glimmer of interest in what their representative off in the new world was up to.

I am also interested in how the search engines work in flagging this blog about Norway and Sweden. My guess is that if I say something bad in the same sentence with the words Norway or Sweden, a flag goes up in some ministry of tourism office and a cyber agent is sent out to investigate - at least it would if I were in charge.

Of course there is nothing bad to say about either country but having now used the word bad three times, the lights and sirens are going crazy across the Atlantic and the cyber-elite are being scrambled. When they get here they will breathe a sigh of relief, post a message to say "Hi" from their respective countries and another potential threat to tourism will have been quelled (or is that quashed or perhaps squashed? - Ellen, if you are reading this, please elucidate.)

 Resistance is futile - I will eventually have a reader from every country in the world!


  1. Hej Frank, Mycket underhållande blogg. Ser fram emot att nya tjänster.

  2. Hej Peter - Jag visste inte att du visste hur man talar svenska


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