Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Google - the unfriendly giant

2010 is ending in a bit of a tailspin for me - at least in the computing field. First, my host for my websites, HostPapa, inadvertently deleted my primary domain (www.frankritcey.com) and I have yet to hear if they can do anything about it. I guess what really bugs me about that situation is that I didn't even receive an apology for their actions.

If that matter isn't resolved to my liking I imagine I will trudge across the internet highway to somebody like GoDaddy who has similar service at cheaper prices. My hesitation to switching is that I was trying to shop Canadian and HostPapa, up until last week, had been a very good service provider.

Then to add to the festivities, on Christmas Day, I received an email from google telling me that they had canceled my Google Adsense account for suspicious click activity. From my reading of the emails they apparently, and wrongly, figured that someone that I had influence over was clicking on ads on my website with the intent of providing me income instead of purchasing the product or service the ad was promoting.

What really frosts my butt in this matter is that they don't allow you anyway to interact with them to explain your side of the situation or to implement ways to block suspicious click activity. Due to their size they can do pretty much anything they want. But in fairness to them I guess the conversation would have gone something like "No I didn't" and "Yes you did" until one of us grew tired of the exchange. I had learned many many years ago that life has nothing to do with what is fair or right - it is more a matter of circumstance and might - so I guess I'll have to let this one slide and unlike Don Quixote, I'll find other windmills to joust.

I guess the irony of the situation is that this very blog is hosted by Google and is just a small part of their immense web empire. It gets one thinking about the problems that arise when so much of our cyber-lives are controlled by single interests like Google, Microsoft or Apple.

If I can weather the last days of 2010 without suffering other internet borne malaise I promise to have something well worth reading on the first day of the new year.

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