Friday, December 31, 2010

Just wringing the last drops out of 2010

Admittedly an artificial construct, but one must acknowledge the end of the calendar year.

As I look back on the year past I must admit to a couple of short comings. First and foremost was my inability to stick to my quest for a thinner me. My other quests - like cooking, baking, eating and general sloth were easier quests to hoist my colours for. Other than that I did pretty good.

I got to spend a lot of quality time with my family and a lot of me time in the hills and open expanses around Kamloops. I led a couple of alpine hikes, took my daughter fishing a number of times, went on an epic hunt with my father and fixed a couple of things around the house. I chased snakes, captured rainbows, started writing two books and shot a lot of shaky video. (Chances of books getting finished or published are somewhere between slim and hardy-har-har). Oh and I went to the Canadian finals for Canada writes!

I added a lot of real friends to my list (as opposed to just facebook friends) and I re-connected with a number of friends, many of those reconnections a direct result of this blog.

And speaking of this blog - 144 entries for the year, so about one entry every three days, or about the life expectancy of my hamsters when I was a little boy. The hamster life expectancy story will have to wait til the new year as I wouldn't want to lose the last of my followers at this late stage of the year.

I do want to wish all of my readers all the best for 2011 and I will try not try to be more focused in my subject matter.

My last offering is this clip of waxwings I saw out at Tranquille yesterday.

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