Sunday, December 5, 2010

A lesson about eye-care

Okay this is almost embarrassing but too funny to keep to myself.

As an admitted hypochondriac I have a tendency to attribute my latest ache or pain to something rare and almost always terminal. It comes from an over active imagination I guess - that or a tumour in my reasoning lobe of the brain. But there I go again.

So for the past couple of weeks I have been suffering from acute migraine attacks. These are a first for me as apart from all of my other maladies I seldom if ever have suffered even the slightest headache. But something has triggered these migraines and I have been trying to figure out what the source of the pain is.

I had been thinking it might of been the result of too many hours in front of the computer screen and my failing eyesight. Consequently I have been cognizant of my vision and so it  was with great consternation that yesterday, while working on my computer, after an 8 hour stint at the keyboard, that I started to notice little black dots moving across the range of my vision. Now I have experienced the little "floaters" that you sometimes get across your field of vision but these were much more pronounced - darker and moving much faster.

I blinked, took a break from the computer but the black dots persisted. I was sure that a tumour was encircling the optic nerve as I sat there and was obviously on the start of the long dark road to oblivion. The dark spots spun and grew more frequent and greater in number. Now instead of one or two spots there were four, five, six - my sense of foreboding deepened. How would I break this to my friends and family? If blinded would I be able to play the piano like Ray Charles? My mind spun.

The dark spots started to become clearer. As I had mentioned, my near vision is not that great, but every now and then these black dots would take form - almost like they had wings! Wings! That was it. I remembered the banana peel I had discarded in my waste basket a couple of days (maybe weeks) ago and the resultant batch of fruit flies which were now invading my room would more easily explain the black dots before my eyes.

It appears that I don't need extensive radiation treatment - I just need to take out the trash more often.

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  1. That's hilarious Frank!

    Yesterday while out taking photographs I was so involved in my work that I was closing the eye that wasn't looking through the viewfinder - something you are not supposed to do as a photographer and thought I was over that bad habit years ago.

    Anyway, I had it shut so tight that when I did finally pull myself away from the image I was trying to make and opened my eye, I got a little dizzy and almost fell into the creek!

    Anyway, I am enjoying everything you write ... keep up the good work but take an eye break after every 20 minutes behind the computer.


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