Friday, December 24, 2010

No pictures - Bah humbug!

2010 is coming to a close and I think I’ve managed to wring a good bit of entertainment from it.
  • I’ve filled up a couple of hard drives with the video I’ve shot
  • hiked a couple of hundred kilometers of trails: some new, some old familiar favourites.
  • made it to the national finals on CBC
  • started writing three different books
  • found some cool snake hunting spots
  • took my daughter fishing and hiking
  • took my father hunting to the far east (Saskatchewan)
  • caught some salmon with my elder brother
  • travelled around the province with my wife to some great music festivals
  • even managed to do some work stuff but that was nowhere as much fun as the other stuff

And through it all I managed to keep plugging away at my blog. Writing is what I love to do, and like a lot of other things in life, you don’t have to be good at it to enjoy doing it. I have enve made some people happy with my writing. Every now and then I will get a comment or an email from a reader saying how much they enjoyed my blog and if I could bring back the casserole dish that they left at the last family get together it would be appreciated. Okay, maybe only mom writes to say that she enjoyed my blog but it is a start.

One of the interesting aspects of the blog is my ability to track where readers are from and I have started on my quest to get a reader from every country in the world (or at least a visitor). My list to date includes:

  1. Albania
  2. Australia
  3. Austria
  4. Belize
  5. Canada
  6. China
  7. Czech Republic
  8. Estonia
  9. France
  10. Germany
  11. India
  12. Ireland
  13. Italy
  14. Kenya
  15. Kuwait
  16. Latvia
  17. Mexico
  18. Moldova
  19. Norway
  20. Russia
  21. Spain
  22. The Netherlands
  23. United Kingdom
  24. United States

So I have 24 of the approximately 195 countries that are presently defined by today’s political landscape. I am setting myself a goal of two new countries a month - a goal which should be doable.

As I get closer to the New Year I will post more goals as I find it easier to post goals than achieve them. I guess that is what I love about the season – the ability to plan for the future without having to do all of the hard work associated with all that planning. Heck, I even enjoying planning for the planning session.

I am off now to go make up some "best laid plans" and to do my Christmas shopping.


  1. Hey Frank!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
    Love "the sneak" the blogs that you do..they bring Dan and I lots of laughter and pure joy with your videography and fantastic humour.
    Thanks man

  2. Thanks and peace-out to you and Dan. Hope your upcoming year is a healthy and fruitful one. Frank


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