Friday, December 17, 2010

Nuts about you

Talk about wild and crazy Christmas parties. Yes, please talk about them, the one I was at last night wasn't one of them so I'd like to hear about lampshades on heads and inappropriate behaviour of all types.

No, the only thing wild about the Kamloops Naturalist Club is the subject matter of their discussions. The year- end meeting is always a nice one in that we try to get through the regular business as soon as possible, have a couple of baked goodies, enjoy a short program of entertainment and get home before Doc Martin is over.

As I was in charge of last night's entertainment, I forced the group to watch a few of Loyd's and my video productions and I subjected them to a wild animal quiz. The quiz was harder than I thought and the best score was 5/10 - I'll be posting that quiz here at some point so I can't give away much more than the fact that it is tricky.

The videos I presented were well received and the people laughed and clapped in all of the right places so we obviously got it right. Loyd's production of "Nuts about You" was particularly well received and one of the members recounted to me of how when she had first seen the video on Youtube that it brought a smile to her soul for the rest of the day. It is that type of response that we are always looking for. Fame and money is nice but making people happy is the real reward of the composer or writer.

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