Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On the road to Moldova

So where is Moldova? And if any of you say - in the back of Frank's fridge I will send you out of the class.

Once again I am stumped by the what, where, when  and why of another small European country - but not, as the astute of you will have notice, not stumped as to the who of Moldova. My blog showed a recent visit from that country and it came from an old friend of mine - Alanna Jorde. Not to say that Alanna would be old, because she was only like six or seventeen when she started work at the newspaper at which I was also employed.

Alanna is like the Lois Lane of the newspaper world and she travels all about our planet, writing about politics and N.G.O.'s and all types of interesting stuff. She is a fast pen for hire and her full credentials can be found at Red Lotus communications.

So another country has been added to my growing list and I've had a chance to catch up on some of the travelings of an old friend. I did a quick google of Moldova and learned a number of interesting things but I would love to receive a comment from a native or ex-pat of Moldova.

Moldova is the dark green country - what is the light green country?

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