Thursday, December 2, 2010

So where the hell is Estonia?

Now I am not going to print the map with Estonia marked on it, because I wonder how many of you might know where Estonia is without going to google maps. Apart from my brainiac uncle Jim and his equally astute sister aunty Ellen I doubt that many of my readers could confidently tell me what two countries border this small-ish country.

Well, at least one of my readers should know where Estonia is, as I have just had a new reader log in from that country. Perhaps it was my friend Alana who is off jet setting in that part of the world as an international reporter. Probably not though as she was supposed to be gong to Moldavia, which is a little out of the way.

Perhaps my Estonian visitor can give us a quick recap of what is going on in your country these days or answer a question I would ask of any of my guests while out in the mountains, and that is "What is your particular part of the country famous for producing?" In Oregon it is cheese, Idaho is potatoes and millionaires, and Michigan it is brainiacs. What is it that Estonia produces?

This getting readers from all over the world is fun and informative. Next time I have to play trivial pursuit against uncle Jim he'd better be ready!

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