Saturday, December 11, 2010

Things I have mis-seen

No, I didn't have a stroke - but that would help explain a lot of things I guess. I just have this habit, as do many when they get to be my advanced age, to mis-hear and to mis-see things.

I don't know that this failing of the faculties is purely physical or if perhaps your mind does it just to add a bit of interest to your life. Take for instance the other day while out hiking along Tranquille River: There, up ahead in the alder thicket was a bear, out well past his hibernation date. I sneaked and ninja-ed my way up along a prickly rose thicket only to get close enough to take some very good footage of the dark end of a culvert. At least for ten minutes of the hike I was having fun.

And this morning added to my fun. I rolled out of bed and hit the computer to catch up on all of my very important messages and to jot a quick entry into my too often neglected blog. As is the case, when one signs into the management section of the blog I am presented with all of the brilliant things my friends and folks I follow have written.

One blog I follow is Mel Rothenburger's. Now for those of you  that aren't Kamloopsians, Mel is a long serving editor of the local paper and ex-mayor. I had never been a big fan of Mel's  - mainly because he has actually done the two things I always thought I would like to do (if it wasn't for all the work involved). Mel was one of the great mayors of Kamloops - not Peter Wing or Kenna Cartwright great but definitely close. During his term in office he managed to tone down his right wing tendencies and was in fact a mayor for the majority. Mel is also a very good writer and so I like to follow his blog as it helps me get fired up for the day.

So I was very intrigued when I saw his latest entry about the RIH versus Lighting. (The RIH is our Royal Inland Hospital) and the "Lighting" I supposed would be the on-going controversy about how much we spend on the christmas lights for the city. "Ah - ha" I muttered to myself, "that old scrooge will suggest we get rid of the lights to help finance the hospital!" I was already formulating my witty riposte to his ill-formed plan.

It took me about half way through the article before it dawned on me that the post was in fact about 'lightning' and not 'lighting'. I read the rest of the article but, like the bear-turned-culvert it had already lost its appeal.

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