Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome Latvia

Latvia - one of my more recent acquisitions

Last week I had put out a call for new viewers and, as promised, I am now sharing some of the new acquisitions. According to Google analytics I have had 6 visits from the country of Latvia, which I must admit a huge ignorance of.

Latvia is not that far from Norway and even less of a swim from Sweden and being so close to the land of my ancestors you would think that I would of at least had a passing acquaintance with the country. But no, til now, Latvia has escaped my radar.

So now I have to ask my reader or reader(s) from Latvia to let me know what, if there were one main thing a person should know about your country, what would that one thing be? Now if someone were to ask me that about Canada I would have to say that we are home to some of the last wilderness places on the earth. Others would say that we are famous for being the birthplace of Tim Horton's and some others would say we were famous for our moose hunting. It all depends on what you are interested in and that is what I am interested in learning from my Latvian readers - what is it that makes you proud or excited about your country.

Has anyone of my readers ever visited the country or met a person from there? Please inform me. I could google it but then it would take away from the mystery and intrigue of the country. A prize of an original "Rounders and Sinners" CD will be sent out to the first reader to comment from a valid Latvian address.

But I must return to my programming tasks. I am working at developing a Joomla based website and thought I was doing so well with until Loyd let me know that it doesn't work with Internet Explorer 8. I'm thinking that Bill Gates better get on this problem as I don't think I'll be able to figure it out - feel free to visit the site with any other browser and let me know what you think. I know it's pretty rough right now but what I am working on is the proof of concept. It's sort of like building a house - you get it up first and then make it pretty with paint and trim at the end.


  1. 1. Latvians are survivors and never give up! We are small and proud nation!
    2. We have technology of happiness:! What is our happiness? Enjoy it with us:
    3. Latvians value friendships more than gold, women play an especially important role in society, we treasure our pagan beliefs and traditions, love of nature is part of our lifestyle, we speak language nobody understands (maybe Lihtuanians catch a word or two), and we have exceptional world class cultural life!
    4. We know how to take a delight of things, and the best way is to enjoy them slowly by experiencing, relaxing and enjoying! If you thing ecological, natural, fresh, healthy, spirit, culture, amusement and fun, visit!

  2. Hey - thanks for the comments. I checked out your suggestions - great stuff! Are you with the expo group - if so, where can a person get one of those t-shirts, they were pretty cool. -Frank

  3. Technology of happiness was created by Aerodium (vertical wind tunnels). Come and enjoy flying in Latvia and you will also be able to shop for souvenirs at the location!

  4. If anonymous will send me his contact info I will send along a Rounders and Sinners CD - that is the anonymous that posted the first comment to my blog from Latvia.


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