Monday, September 20, 2010

Almost in a new snack bracket!

Almost as much as I made when I shoveled coal in Cape Breton

So about three months ago when I decided I would try the Google Adsense program, and when I signed up for YouTube to put ads on my moose calling video, it was more as a lark than as a serious business venture. But if you look at the screen shot above you can see that I almost made enough today to pay for an extra large double double and an apple fritter.

All kidding aside though, I now see the potential in this framework. Maybe a little too much like the little boy who was such an optimist that, on receiving a bucket of horse poop for his birthday, began running around looking for the pony.

Well, I am off looking for that pony now. I will be expanding my exposure on Youtube - which is rather ironic because I have been expanding my waistline sitting at the computer - and I will be launching a number of soon to be hit websites. You will be able to tune in to such sites as: Ask Frank (in which desperate readers send in their questions to which I will reply - "Do I look like I care?"), or "How dead is it?" in which peole can send in shots of roadkill and I will tell what it was, when it was hit and by what. The list is almost endless and this new phase of mine will probably be marked as the point at which the internet died!

Now off to outsource another couple of sites to my new-found friends in India and that will be the subject of my next posting.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Can't win in the photography game

Golden mantled ground-squirrel

So, on one of my trips this summer we had occasion to take a shortcut on a backroad over the Purcell mountains between Kootenay Lake and Cranbrook. It was on this lonely stretch of road that we came upon a golden mantled ground-squirrel and then, a little further down the road, a pride of Pikas.

Now I don't know what the proper moniker for a group of the little rodents is, but "pride of Pikas" has a nice ring to it.

Anyhow, I got some photos, not great by any stretch of the imagination, but good enough to share with my less critical friends and of species rare enough that I was feeling pretty good about my efforts.

I returned home, uploaded my photos and fired up my email and got ready to send off the aforementioned photos. Before I could though, I noticed an email from my friend Peter (the real wildlife photographer) who had been down in the the southern mountains as well.

I opened his message and was shocked to see that he had trumped me without even trying. Not only did he have golden mantled ground squirrel pictures and Pika pictures but he had a picture of a golden mantled ground-squirrel eating a Pika! At that point I realized I had better stick to the video stuff and leave the still photos to others.

Pika (not being eaten by a golden mantled ground squirrel)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Slowly working my way back

It seems like a lifetime since I last made an entry into my blog. Fortunately the reasons for my absence have all been good.

August was pretty much taken up with music festivals and I've got a whack of great performers that I want to introduce you to. (A "whack" being more than a bundle and less than a slew) And the road trips to the various festivals provided me with enough fodder to load the literary cannon a couple of times over.

Sandwiched between all of that was a summer full of birding, filming, and a hike or to into the mountains.

So now when I finally have something to write about I no longer have a teacher who wants a 500 word essay on "What I did this summer"

And as I don't really have time for this entry - just waiting for the mothership to contact me - and that's yet another story - so instead I'll get you to watch this little film, Loyd, Peter and I put together.